May 2014 Letters To My Children

My Dear Girls,

Lilly, this has been YOUR month. You had your horse show on Mother’s Day this month and we arranged to have Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, and Uncle Dave join us. You have been riding really well this session and although it’s much more a show and much less a competition, you rode beautifully and ended up being the winner of your group! You other two friends had won previous horse shows, so in some ways you just thought it was your turn to win, but nevertheless, you smiled from ear to ear from the moment you started riding until three days later. It was beautiful to see you with so much pride and confidence. It was an amazing Mother’s Day. Your gift to me was a small necklace that you picked with daddy. It was of a tiny key. You took all kinds of things into consideration- not wanting something too big or something too pokey and decided that I would just love a key. It’s beautiful and I love how proud you were to pick it for me.

This month also brought about a bittersweet milestone. it was your preschool graduation. You have had the most amazing experience there with the most caring and creative teachers I know. They really helped to establish a positive first school experience for you and I think that will carry with you the rest of your life. Through fun and art and baking and crafts, they nurtured a love of learning in you. You were part of a most memorable show that was all about America- so not only did you learn a lot of songs for graduation, but they will serve you well in your life because you already know a bunch of patriotic songs. I’m so proud of how much you’ve grown up this year and I’m also sad that it’s going by so quickly. You make me proud every single day.

My dear Morgan. If you weren’t so cute and funny, you might have been traded in by now! Just kidding of course, but your sleeping this month has been horrific. You are staying up until midnight most nights and if you do go to sleep early, you are waking for several hours in the middle of the night. You are slowing torturing me with sleep deprivation! I’m hoping we can get this straightened out before I return to teaching in september or it’s going to get ugly. Luckily you have the cuteness factor going for you. You have a lot more of your own words such as “winty” for your blanket and “nonny” for candy. You still call yourself “baby” but you are anything but. You can and will do anything that Lilly does– which includes sitting on the potty. You are really good at puzzles and you love doing them but you tend to take 5-7 of them out at a time which mostly just makes a mess! I had other things that I wanted to mention this month, but because I’m so tired from lack of sleep, I seem to have forgotten them. Perhaps swimming in the pool will help tire you out!

We have had another special fun event this month and that was babysitting our neighbor’s baby chicks while they were away! It’s been super fun to have these cute little fuzzies with us for a short time.

I love you more than the whole wide world,


Please take the time to visit Tara’s blog and check out her super adorable girls.




One thought on “May 2014 Letters To My Children

  1. Melaine, I am so sorry to hear of your sleep deprivation, lack of sleep totally stinks! How neat that you will soon have a kindergartener in the house! My Eden will be starting kinder Sept next year, I cant believe, one more year of being a pre-schooler, where does the time go! Look forward to seeing pictures 🙂

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