April 2014 Letters to My Daughters

My Dear Girls,

Spring is trying to make it’s way here but it seems to be one step forward and two steps back. We are soaking in sunshine in the park on the nice days and it has been so rejuvenating.

Lilly, what is going on in your life this month is that you are riding Minnie again. Lessons with Tara started up and automatically Thursday is your favorite day. You have such gentle but firm command of her and you seem wise beyond your years and you learn the ins and outs of horsemanship. You are growing bigger- both physically and emotionally and seem to be so ready for kindergarten in the fall. I’m not sure how that happened. You have remarkable patience with your baby sister- who is fluctuating between impossible two year old and your best friend. Nothing makes me happier than looking in on the two of you laughing hard belly laughs or quietly playing together. You were worried that Morgan wouldn’t know what to do at an Easter Egg hunt so you filled our eggs and set up a practice round for her in our yard. Then you brought her out and helped her find the eggs. It was the best hunt ever.

Morgan, you are becoming more independent than ever! You don’t want to sit in your high chair anymore and insist on using Lilly’s chair. Luckily Lilly accommodates you by taking a big chair. You insist on certain songs in the car with your favorites right now being “Hellos”, “Jumpin’ Josie”, and William Tell’s Overture. You put up quite a fuss if we don’t have your exact song on. You also are coming up with your own songs– like when you were caught “feeding” the cats, you have a song that goes “Kitty Cat Kitty Cat No! No! No!” We think the “No” part is actually at yourself since you aren’t supposed to be down there! You keep track of where everyone is all day with the questions, “Daddy work?” “Lilly-ya school?” “Baby home?” because you know who is in your world and you want to know there whereabouts at all times.

I am loving that we are getting out fishing and hiking once again. Looking forward to summer.

I love you more than the whole wide world,


Please continue on to read Rebecca’s letter after you get a chance to check out my images this month.

Morgan… because I always want to remember what it is like to look down at you while you hold my hand. 



_MG_3686 _MG_3742 _MG_3743 _MG_3622 _MG_3506 _MG_3885 _MG_3865 _MG_3827 _MG_3820


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