March 2014 Letters To My Daughters

My Dear Girls,

March brought one of the most exciting trips of your young lives. We took you to Disney! Lilly, you have been asking to go to Mickey’s house for well over a year even though you didn’t really know what that meant. We told you that we could go when Morgan could walk and when Morgan took her first steps, you pulled me aside and said, “So, do we go to Mickey’s tomorrow?”

The trip was pure magic from the time we left until the time we got home. Everything was perfection. You both loved meeting the characters, although Morgan, you refused to smile for our pictures with them! Highlights include meeting both Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. When we were lining up to meet Peter Pan, the cast member in charge asked us how much we wanted to meet Peter Pan and I answered “more than anyone else in the park.” She made us her last family for that time. You were so excited to put on your Peter Pan outfit and Peter and Wendy spent tons of time with us. When we were done taking photos, Peter and Wendy took you by the hand and skipped through the park with you chanting “We’re looking for pirates, we’re looking for pirates.” People in the park stopped left and right to take your picture with Peter and Wendy. It was one of my most favorite moments of the whole trip. We also met Tink twice because the first time we met her, Morgan was asleep and there is no one that you like more Morgan than “Beat Bell” as you call her.

We ate with the princesses at Cinderella’s Castle and again at Akershus. We also ate with Mary Poppins and then Mickey at Animal Kingdom. You girls both LOVED the rides which is why we knew that we would have a fabulous time. Of course we did the regulars like It’s a Small World and Peter Pan’s flight, but Morgan, your absolute favorite was the “dup downs” which is what you call horses. We rode the carousel at least 10 times which was easy because there was no wait. Lilly, your surprise favorite was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It was my favorite when I was a kid, but I was much older than you when I rode it! You probably rode it at least 8 times doing rider switch with Daddy and me.

The trip was pure magic and I can’t wait to go back again with you in a few years when Morgan is older. Morgan’s phrase of the week was “Happy Day!” and indeed it was. “Happy Mickey, Happy Beat Bell, Happy Mommy, Happy Daddy, Happy Lilly-ya, Happy Day!” Watching you live for a week in between fantasy and reality was so special and amazing.

Spring is finally arriving here and I’m looking forward to tons of time outside with my girls as we get ready for summer.

I love you more than the whole wide world,


Please enjoy my pictures then go on to visit my dear friend Melinda’s beautiful letter to her children.





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5 thoughts on “March 2014 Letters To My Daughters

  1. Loved your letter….brought happy tears to my eyes! The pic with the girls in the Cinderella dresses is absolute perfection!!!!!

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