February 2014 Letters to My Daughters

My Dear Girls,

This month has quickly become the snowiest month of your young lives- and possibly might be on record to be one of the snowiest ones you ever experience. It has been fun being cooped up with a winter wonderland falling all around us. You both LOVE to go out in the snow but honestly, the last storm brought us so much (over 18 inches on top of the 10 we already had) that it was too much for you to move around in and play in! A week later and a few 50 degree days has reduced the snowpack to a manageable amount and you are both back to sledding and playing. Here is just a quick snapshot so that you can see just how little you were compared to the snow piles at the end of our driveway– that yes, we shoveled and snowblowed. No plows here!


Lilly, your big moment to shine this month came when both mommy and daddy got the stomach flu. We were both so sick and thankfully, you only got a mild case and Morgan somehow avoided it all together. Either way, during the brunt of us feeling ill, you demonstrated compassion far beyond your 4.5 years on this earth. You took care of Morgan by getting her snacks and drinks without hesitation or question. You asked how we were feeling and if we needed anything. You genuinely worried, mothered and cared for the rest of your family. I saw an especially beautiful dimension to you that day and it makes me so proud to be your mommy because I know what a great person you are turning out to be. I love you and I thank you deeply for your love and help.

_MG_2026 _MG_2024

Morgan, this has been your month! You have been frustrating at times to deal with partly due to the fact that you were frustrated yourself. But this last month has brought about tremendous growth in you both physically and verbally. All you want to do is participate in family life and keep up with your one true star, your Lilly-ya. You couldn’t do it before, but now you can. You can readily communicate with us and can say just about any word that we ask you to say– it may not come out correctly, but the intonation is there. You are so proud and pleased with yourself and you understand complex directions like “Go get your blanket and put it on your bed.” The only thing that you love more than your Lilly-ya is going outside. When you here the word “outside” you are the first to get your boots, coat and hat and start to put them on. These last couple days have been warmer and it has been so nice to be out for a while without being so cold.

_MG_1917 _MG_1936

I love you both so much and I’m looking forward to enjoying the start of spring with you both.

I love you more than the whole wide world,


Please enjoy some pictures from our valentine’s day mini session that we held in our kitchen! After, please go on to visit my friend Joanne’s blog. A big thanks to her for helping out with the blog circle organization this month!


_MG_1861 _MG_1711 _MG_1825 _MG_1755


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