January 2014 Letter to My Daughters

My dear girls,

It is now a new year and so embarks a new journey for us as a family. I know this is the new calendar year, but being that your daddy and I both work in schools, I think I feel a stronger connection to September being the start of a new year. I’m also proud that I now have 12 letters to look back because it does all happen so quickly.

Lilly, you are turning out to be the sweetest, most considerate, thoughtful and loving little girl. You will share ANYTHING. You last bite of cookie, a handful of M & M’s, anything at all. And you aren’t stingy- in fact, you often give the other person the bigger or better piece. I hope you are always this generous and giving. You are also so understanding– just tonight when we went to read stories, Morgan was just way overtired even though it was early. We only got a chance to read one story (instead of our usual 3) because she was just screaming. You didn’t complain even once and just gave her a hug and kiss and told her to “go get some sleep, sweetie.” You are truly amazing and have a patience with her that surpasses anyone’s expectations.

Morgan, you have become a little girl. You are talking more and more and lucky for us, Lilly is the bees knees in your eyes. You are her number one fan and Lilly is the perfect role model. When she is at school you wander around a bit lost looking for your “Lil-wee-yah.” For every bit of Lilly’s hesitation, you have very little. You are strong, opinionated, willful and spirited. Because of your personality, you seem much older than you actually are. You think that if you continue to yell “weee” (which is please) you can have whatever you want. And for all of your independence, at night you just want to be next to someone. I put you to bed in your toddler bed and about an hour later you are up. I love snuggling you but would like just a bit more at the early part of the night. As I write this post you are curled up next to me in bed– your feet touching my feet and always making sure you are in “contact.” I’m trying my best to embrace it because I know you will only be this snuggly for a bit longer.

I love you more than the whole wide world,


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