October Letters to My Daughters

My dear girls,

Lilly, this month brought to an end your two favorite things outside of preschool. You have your last nature camp and your last fall riding lesson. According to the naturalist, you are the least squeamish and most enthusiastic about nature. I love that about you. I’m so glad that you want to do winter nature camp. As for riding- you have really figured out how to post. You rode for your “competition” and did wonderfully but I think where you were really at home was the long trail ride you went on for the last class. You volunteered to ride Cowboy and not Minnie and I was proud that you were comfortable with riding a different horse. You look so confident when you are riding.

I also want to take a few minutes to document someone else important that has entered our lives. Many children have imaginary friends, but you have an imaginary daughter. Your daughter’s name is Maggie and she’s 24. She lives in North Carolina (by Matthew and Timmy). Her birthday is September 24 and lucky for us she visits often- which is good because she is going to have a baby any day now. The baby is a boy and will be named Michael but will be called Mike. The details that you provide about Maggie are stunning. She seems like she is a wonderful person and I hope that one day when you have a daughter of your own, that she is like Maggie. I also love your imagination and I feel honored to be a part of your special relationship with your daughter. I also love that you only share Maggie with me and Daddy. When I ask if you talk about Maggie at school you say “No Mommy– then all the other kids would want to have daughter’s too!” It’s truly an amazing thing to witness.

As for Miss Morgan, you are becoming more independent by the minute. You have a few more words- Mama, Dada (and Dada-do), Nana (for food mostly), Papa, Toes Up, Toes Down and Belly-Butt (for belly button). Lilly is still your sun, star and moon. You do everything that she does- mostly correctly. Lilly draws on paper, you like to draw on the floor. Lilly uses a fork and therefore you use a fork. You run right into her preschool and I think would be happy to stay if they would let you. You are trying hard to jump and you love to take the tops to the pots out and crash them together. Sleeping is still an issue. You are struggling to stay asleep at night and have a hard time going down for naps. I’m hoping that this will work itself out soon because you have cut two of your four molars. This too shall pass and probably as a teenager I will be wondering how you can sleep so much!

I love you both so much and I’m loving our fall days together.



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