August Letter to My Daughters

My dear girls,

August brings summertime and swimming and beaches and blossoms. It has been a wonderful carefree month with trips to the beach with friends, big family parties at our home, days spent harvesting in the garden and family trips to Hershey Park and Camelbeach. We have camped under the stars and made s’mores in our fire pit. We have been swimming in the pool both during the day and late at night. We’ve caught lightening bugs and butterflies. We’ve eaten ice cream by the stream and played on swingsets in our yard. We’ve spent long summer days with friends that will last a lifetime.  I know that next year at this time I will be returning to work but I love that we will always have our special time to reconnect as a family in August.

As beautiful and spontaneous as this month has been, there comes a time where I crave the structure of September for our family. Time to get to bed earlier and have more predicable days. I know that you both have loved our long summer days, but I also know that we will all thrive now as a family as structure replaces the spontaneity.

All my love as we move into this next season,


IMG_8667 IMG_8682 IMG_8800 IMG_8915 IMG_8943 IMG_8987

Please continue on to see more beautiful tales from August in our blog circle. Next up is my talented friend Amanda. Please stop by her blog to see her beautiful images.


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