July Letter To My Daughters

My dear girls,

Now that the excitement of your birthdays has passed, July is proving to be pure summer. It is long days and hot sun and lots and lots of time by the pool. We have friends and family over several times a week and although sometimes stressful, I’m mostly loving the influx of people at our home. Your friends are all so wonderful and their parents are too.

The highlight of this month for you Lilly was pony camp. This was your first time participating in any sort of riding camp and you loved it! You learned so much but on top of that, you had such a calm presence around such a large and powerful animal. You rode Minnie with grace, composure and confidence. I hope that it works out for us to continue lessons in the fall.



And, Morgan, your highlight is WALKING! Finally! Nearly 2 months after you first steps, you finally have decided that you can walk by yourself. It has been so liberating for both of us! You are loving your new found independence. With this walking has come an explosion of both signing and words. Your words right now are “Mama, Dada, Door, Nigh-Night” and I’m sure there are others that I’m forgetting. Your signs are “Eat, All Done, More, Lilly, Dog, Bird, and Drink.” The best is starting to see what you are thinking about. When Lilly is at Nature Camp, you look for her and sign for her. WIthout sign, I would have never realized how much you miss her. It is just so neat to see. Also with this explosion in development has come some regular napping. You normally don’t nap but recently have been taking 2-4 hour naps! I’m not sure what to do with myself! It has been so amazing to watch you grow- and most especially in the last month. You are definitely no longer a baby but have moved into toddlerhood.




I’m excited to see what this final month of summer has in store for us. Let’s continue to enjoy our long days, swimming, berry picking, gardening and exploring.

All my love,


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