June Letter to My Daughters

Dear Lilly and Morgan,

I feel this is the most important letter to each of you all year because this is your birthday month. Lilly, you just turned 4 and Morgan you are about to turn 1. Since birthdays are all about wishes, I think I will let you know what I wish for each of you.

This is both of you just one year ago and the first time meeting each other.


So, for my dear Lilly.

My wishes for you are:

  • that you always love nature the way you do now. That butterflies and ladybugs and worms fascinate you. That you remember how much you loved the 17 year cicadas because the next time they are around, we will be celebrating your 21st birthday. Don’t worry, we will go back to Miquin Woods where we experienced them this year.
  • that you always spontaneously and sincerely express your affection for those that you love. There is nothing better in the world than when you just come up to me and say “I love you Mom” for no specific reason.
  • that you will always take your time to assess a new person, place or situation. You have strength in this skill and it will serve you well in your life. Trust your assessment.
  • that you will continue to grow as much as you did this year. In the fall, you were so hesitant about new experiences and now you have the confidence to embrace some of these rights of passage as a young person in terms of playdates and pre-school.  You are learning that there are other adults you can trust. I’ve worked hard to surround you with adults that will love you as much as I do and hopefully that will allow you to blossom.
  • that you will continue to cultivate some of the special friendships that you have made this past year. Yes, it helps that these girls come from wonderful families with great parents, but I have a feeling that you will have some of these friends for the duration.
  • that you will continue to complement me for parking the car with “Good Taking Mom.” Oh and once you added “Good Taking and Good Stopping… we didn’t hit anyone.”
  • that you will continue to embrace non-traditional roles because any girl can be a princess but only a few will dare to be Peter Pan!
  • and that you always love your little sister as much as you do right now. You are the light of her life and nothing makes me happier than to hear her unrestrained laughing at you and your joy at making her laugh. May you always be each other’s happiness.

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Dear Morgan,

What a milestone this is! You are now one and what a year it has been. We gotten to know you this year and even at a young age we can see that your personality is different from Lilly’s but you will complement each other just the same.

My wishes for you are:

  • that you continue to take charge of your surroundings. You have no hesitation on diving into and trying new things. May you always have that confidence.
  • that you realize that you really can walk on your own. You’ve been able to do it for so long now but refuse to believe that you can. We know you can- you will be really proud when you realize it too.
  • that you always look at the world with your fresh, young, innocent eyes. Don’t become jaded or pessimistic- just believe in the good in others. It is there.
  • that you continue to find joy in the simple things. You are easy to smile and laugh- and quite often it is Lilly that is the focus of your happiness.
  • that you always know that both day and night I am here for you- always.
  • that you continue to find joy in learning. It is so obvious when you understand me and when you are so pleased that I understand you.
  • that you continue to be active. Being active is a blessing. I hope you learn to use your physical abilities to participate in activities or sports that you enjoy.
  • and that you continue to always look at your family, and especially Lilly, with the love and happiness that you do now.

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Happy Birthday Sweet Girls! You are my life and you make our family complete. May this next year find you in good health, with good friends and great happiness.



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