May Letter to My Daughters

My dear girls,

It is time once again to document what has been going on in your lives. This month seems to have passed in a blur as May usually seems to do. The weather starts to get nicer and there is a whole new flood of outdoor responsibilities as we get ready for summer. In the hustle and bustle of May, it’s been quite a whirlwind of activity.

Lilly, this has not been your month. We’ve had three trips to the dentist so far because we noticed a spot on your bottom molars. It turns out that after seeing my dentist who referred us to a pediatric dentist that you indeed have cavities. This breaks my heart more than you’ll ever know because I feel this is totally my responsibility. I’ve never had a cavity, so I don’t even know what you experienced and it breaks my heart that you had to have this taken care of. I promise that we will keep on top of all the recommendations of the dentist- including giving more time between snacks. On top of that, we all caught the worst stomach flu that we’ve ever had as a family. You, me and Morgan all had it, but you had it by far the worst. You were sick well over 10 times on Tuesday and on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday you were a shell of your usual self. The most you could do was watch TV and the only things you ate were ice pops, yogurt, crackers, a bit of banana and toast. It wasn’t until Saturday evening that you asked for regular food and you wolfed down your hamburger! You missed going to Land of Make Believe, your last Nature Club and a playdate at your good friend’s house. Luckily you haven’t remembered that you missed all those things because that would have made it worse. It hurt me to see you so weak and it made me think a lot about parents of children that are seriously ill with something and how they must feel. I knew this was only temporary but I got a small glimpse into what it might be like for parents of critically ill children and I pray that we never, ever, ever go there.

On a happier note, June has lots of great things planned for you. It will be your birthday at the end of the month so we will have lots to share about that. Also, you are going to “summer camp” at your new pre-school for next year. You will get to use this opportunity for the next two weeks to meet your teachers and make some new friends that will be in your classes next year. You are getting to be so grown up and it is so much fun.

And now, sweet Morgan, this has been a good month for you. First of all, you were baptized. We finally picked a wonderful church to join and on Mother’s Day we had you baptized. We got to share a picture of you on the screen at church and everyone “awwwwwed” at you because you are just so cute. We chose your Uncle Dave and Aunt Allie as your godparents and we hope they will continue to play a special role in your life as you grow- religious or not, they will help look out for you- and I think you will need some extra looking out for! The other exciting event is that you are starting to take a few steps. You walked between Grandma and me for a few steps and then did it again with Daddy and me although, with Daddy you were mostly just diving between us. It will come soon. I’m actually excited for you to walk because I think it is really what you want to do.

June will bring your first birthday as well. We have LOTS of celebrating to do this month.

Love to my sweet girls,


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