April Letter to My Daughters

Dear Lilly and Morgan,

Spring has finally sprung and although Mother Nature has not been consistent, we have at least had some beautiful days to get outside and open the windows and take off our bulky coats! This month brought us on our first LONG trip as a family. We headed to the outer banks of North Carolina with our whole extended family- Grandpa and Grandma, Uncle Adam and Aunt Allie. Lilly, this was your dream come true because you had quite a collection of your favorite people all together in one place with no agenda except to play with you. Both of you did great on the car ride and I’m proud to say that we did it without ipads and movies- just good old fashioned music, coloring books and stickers. (Ok, the ipad was loaded up just in case.)

You are growing more than ever right now Lilly- both emotionally and physically. You are now tall enough to turn the light switches on by yourself which I think it was just last month that you had to jump with all your might to reach them.You have been hungry all the time and are eating me out of house and home with all the fruit that you have been consuming these past couple weeks. You are maturing beyond belief and love going to Nature Camp with Mr. Joe. You have such a special light in you that you share especially with the people that you love. May you always have the simple innocence that glows from inside you.



And a few with some of those that you love.

Morgan- I was talking about you with the mom of your future partner in crime and I mentioned that we called you “Morgan the Menace.” She said that her daughter was the same way and they decided to call her “spirited” and I agree that that fits you perfectly. You do have such a beautiful, outgoing, inquisitive spirit. You readily give smiles to all of us in your inner circle, but the one true light of your life is big sister Lilly.

I hope that the two of you always get as much joy out of each other as you do right now. I also hope that you support each other in life because your differences will end up complementing each other.

And finally, just to document some of your accomplishments Morgan- you now have 6 teeth. The 6th one came through today. You are pulling up on everything and cruising everywhere- most especially holding onto my pant legs which you think is hysterical. You barely want to be held- you want to go and explore everything. And you have tried a few times standing without holding on. It is few and far between that we get these snuggles but you know that Daddy and I will take them whenever we can get them.



Much love to my two amazing little girls,


Please continue on to read my talented and organized friend Jenn Burnett’s letter to her daughter.


3 thoughts on “April Letter to My Daughters

  1. Beautiful letter and images, that image with the scrunchy face smile and the colorful headband is awesome! That one would be in a frame on my wall. So cute.

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