March Letter to my Daughters


My dear girls,

I’m sorry that spring has taken so long to arrive. I know how much you love to be outside- especially Lilly and the weather has made it hard to be out as much as you would like. Hopefully it really is right around the corner.

To that end, March for you Lilly has been filled with Peter Pan. We saw the show done by a community theater group SKIT in February and the storyline has encompassed you. Once we couldn’t handle only singing a few words of each song, we went ahead and ordered the broadway soundtrack. (We went with Cathy Rigby over Mary Martin– we liked her voice better.) We listen to that soundtrack at least 3 times a day and you have analyzed every word. “Who is Jack the RIpper?” “Why icing made with poison?” You have a love hate relationship with Captain Hook and you are totally enamored with the fact that you and Tiger Lily share the same name. Morgan has been renamed Michael and your dad and I are called on to be various characters during the day. You really do believe that Tinkerbell visits your room at night (you have heard her bells ringing outside your window) and when we came home from the show you wrapped up your colored pencils to give to everyone in the show. It has been quite an infatuation and the overwhelming theme to our March. IMG_6104

IMG_5570 IMG_5610

Morgan, you have a new nickname. It is “Morgan the Menace.” You are never bad but you are into everything. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. You move fast and are pulling up on whatever will support you. Lilly will call to me “Mom! Morgan is menacing again!” meaning that you have pulled out all the instruments, or the books off the shelf, or are causing general chaos. You only nap in my arms or with me which is making it hard on both of us because you really need more sleep than you get so together we will have to work on that. We are starting to see your personality more and more and although I’m excited to see what you are like when you are older, I love having you as my baby.

IMG_5528 IMG_5562So, my sweet girls, these months are going by very fast and I love adding chapters to our story together. I can’t wait to see what wonderful things this next month brings us.

I love you to the moon and back,


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One thought on “March Letter to my Daughters

  1. we got a copy of Disney’s Peter Pan and although Anthony became quickly obsessed with it as well, it just wasn’t the same for me because I grew up with the Mary Martin version that my parents had recorded off the tv. I found we were able to watch my beloved version on youtube and I really enjoyed sharing it with him! i Saw that Cathy RIgby as Peter Pan is coming to Scranton April 5-7 and I really wanted to go, but it just didn’t work out. We’ll be having a Peter Pan birthday party in May hopefully you guys can come!

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