Week 10 – A Bad Habit

I’m not being entirely truthful with this post. The job was to photograph a “bad habit” and the habit I chose is actually a wonderful habit. Here’s the photo and then I will explain.



So my bad habit is that I sleep with my babies. I mean from the very first day in the hospital (shhhh… don’t tell – they frown on that there) until they are ready to sleep on their own – which for Lilly was only a few weeks ago. Yes, it has made some thing complicated- like Morgan only wants to nap with me there too and I really would like her to nap on her own so that I can get some things done and have some time with Lilly. But when they are so little, I just have to have them near me- I sleep better because of it. It does complicate things with the husband, but I’m so fortunate that he values the time with them in our bed and is on board with it too. They are growing up so fast that we know it will all be over much too soon so rather than dread it, we choose to embrace it.

IMG_5300 IMG_5326


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